We have some of the top teams and athletes in Eastern Pennsylvania train with us, you should too.

Turf Rentals

Need a place to practice in the fall, winter, and spring? Rent out our turf fields (2 fields each 17 yards by 50 yards).

Baseball Lessons

Line Drive Sports Academy will be holding private hitting and pitching lessons at The Fieldhouse.

Birthday Parties

Is your child’s birthday party coming up? Celebrate with us, we have plenty of space for games and a party!

The Standard For Sports Performance Training in Eastern Pennsylvania

Founded in 2012, Game Time Fieldhouse is the Lehigh Valley’s only premier indoor turf training facility that also offers training to athletes, teams, and organizations.


Mission Statement: To provide the Lehigh Valley, and surrounding areas, with a prestigious indoor training facility that can meet the needs and expectations of athletes, parents, and coaches. Game Time Fieldhouse thrives not only providing indoor turf fields for teams and organizations, but also positively impacting the athletic and physical development of our local youth population. Game Time Fieldhouse desires to meet all your athletic needs under one roof. Our motto… Practice. Train. Compete.

Meet Our Team

  • Mike Cerimele

    Mike Cerimele


  • Matt Hoover

    Matt Hoover

    Sports Performance Specialist

  • Louis Diesel

    Louis Diesel

    Operations Manager

  • Meaghan Weikel

    Meaghan Weikel

    Sports Performance Specialist


Turf Rentals

Equipped with two indoor fields we are easily configured for soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, football, baseball and softball. Each individual field is 17 yards by 50 yards.

Peak Period (November to March)

  • Full Turf Field is $125 per hour
  • If you reserve 10+ hours at a time it changes to $110 per hour
  • Half Turf Field is $75 per hour
  • If your reserve 10+ hours at a time it changes to $65 per hour
Non-Peak (April to October)
  • Full Turf Field is $110 per hour
  • Half Turd Field is $65 per hour

Note: The field is split into 2 field strips of turf about 17 yards by 50 yards. These 2 strips make up our full turf field rental. A half turf rental is 17×25 yard field space.

For more information about Turf Rental contact or call 484-223-1595.

Sports Performance Training

Foundational Program (Ages 8 to 11)

The Foundational Program consists of 60 minute training sessions performed in a small group setting of 8-12 individuals per session.

Accelerated Program (Ages 12 to 14)

The Accelerated Program consists of 90 minute training sessions performed in a small group setting of 8-12 athletes per session.

Elite Program (Ages 15 to 18)

The Elite Program consists of 90 minute training sessions performed in a small group setting 8-12 athletes per session.


For more information about these programs or to sign up contact or

More information can be found at


Baseball & Softball: Private Lessons

Game Time Fieldhouse has partnered with Line Drive Sports Academy and will be hosting private lessons done by the great staff over at Line Drive. We are excited to see what these coaches can bring to the table!


For more information contact Gerald Kresage at or check out

Birthday Parties!

We would be thrilled if you chose GAME TIME Fieldhouse to host your next birthday party for kids age 5 and up. We offer a safe indoor environment for children of all ages to actively play. That means no matter the weather outside, it is always a great environment indoors. Party attendees can run on the open fields, play a favorite sport of the birthday child and do obstacle courses.

We fully welcome bringing in outside entertainment, cake, food, drinks and decorations.

For more information about Birthday Parties or to reserve your party please contact or call 484-223-1595.


Batting Cage/Pitching Strip Rentals

Game Time Fieldhouse has two tunnels, one for pitching and the other for our batting cage. Clients may use the batting cage for hitting or pitching.


$25 One Half Hour
$45 One Full Hour

For more information about our Batting Cage and Pitching Strip and reserving them please contact us at or call 484-223-1595.